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Time Travelling

Stories of time travel keeps cropping up in front of me lately.The concept of time travel is mind-boggling to say the least. Wouldn’t we have been visited from the future already if somewhere down our concept of time we had discovered a way to manipulate it? Maybe we have but written it off as a nut job looking for attention. I was recently listening to coast to coast where a guy was being interviewed about a so-called time traveler named John Titor. Mr. Titor’s story is very interesting. He appeared on an “out of the box” forum in 2001 claiming to be from the year 2036. His first post is as follows: ” Greetings. I am a time traveler from the year 2036. I am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975. My “time” machine is a stationary mass, temporal displacement unit manufactured by General Electric. The unit is powered by two, top-spin, dual-positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set Tipler sinusoid. I will be happy to post pictures of the unit.” He goes on to share images of his time machine and diagrams including cut-away’s. I definitely recommend reading his story and the original Q&A going on in the forum. Even if you don’t believe in time travel, this story makes for a wonderful read. People really quiz him and I have to say, he is very intelligent in his responses. Was he a real “time traveler” or just some clever story maker with a lot of time on his/her hands (no pun intended, …really) Check it out for yourself

There was also another guy on Coast to Coast during the very unpredictable open lines. My favorites. I don’t remember the caller’s name but his “story” was pretty cool. He claimed to be out watching the stars from the bleachers of a local football field when out of the blue, a guy came running down the middle of the field, covered in powder. He fell and laid on his back panting for air. The C2C caller walks over to him and asks him if he’s OK. The guy is out of breath but raises an arm in acknowledgment. The breathless guy eventually speaks and goes on to claim to be from the future. He says he knows our C2C caller and asks him to drive him to a specific location. He eventually obtains more “powder” and exits the way he came in a puff of “powder”. I am not doing the guys story any justice here but again, I recommend going through the C2C archives and listening to this story, it was very interesting. Like I say I seem to be seeing and hearing many time travel stories right now for some reason. Check out Coast to Coast, it’s an “out of the box” radio show that touches on subjects for the more open-minded folk. Subjects you will never hear the mainstream media cover.

Then there’s a recent story coming from Norway where a parcel was received in 1912 with strict instructions not to open until 2012, exactly 100 years to the day. I watched the opening on youtube with awe. The translation wasn’t amazing to be honest. There was a Norwegian guy and an English woman. He was doing most of the talking but she didn’t translate everything. The package included newspaper clippings from 1914 and 1919. How can this be? The package is from 1912. There was a letter which was quickly put back in an envelope and not read out. I’m certain that included an explanation. So was the package sent from a time traveler? It all seemed a bit weird to be honest. People dressed up, dancing and singing. I’ve read the forums and some are saying there were hidden symbolism in the dance routines, very deep if you ask me but not too sure about that one. I’m yet to see a decent follow-up and explanation for the clippings and letter.  Again this makes for a wonderful story if anything. Check out the video

I’ll finish this post with a quick story of my own, maybe this is the part the universe wants me to share. It’s actually a Lucid dream but ties in to time travel. So in my dream I’m at my aunty and uncles house. I am in their room with their son (my cousin). He had this weird contraption that he says is a musical instrument. It was a strange electronic object I’d never seen before. I begin to find the whole thing weird and ask my aunt what year it is. She says it’s 1988. At this point I realize I’m dreaming and everything becomes crystal clear. This was the clearest dream to date and before I had researched lucid dreaming. So I ask the question again, this time it feels very real and sad because I know my aunty has passed over in real life, but she’s very happy. (She’s been in my dreams many times and always has a happy smile). So I’m trying to convince them that it’s not 1988. I ask my cousin and he says the same thing 1988. So I wander into the kitchen and on the way see another aunt and uncle, they have their boxer dog with them (the one they had around 1988). Before I continue I have to say, everyone looked their respective ages for 1988. I asked them the same question, what year is it? They all say 1988. So I’m like, no it’s not its 2004 and this is a dream (or whatever year it was when I had that dream, I can’t be exact). They all looked at me stupid. So as a last resort I said OK then, I’ll show you my bare arse. It’s funny because I almost convinced myself it was real and I was actually in 1988 as I couldn’t bring myself to show my backside to my family. Why did I even think of that anyway.  So I said OK watch this, I threw my hand out and made a magician like gesture. I conjured up another boxer dog, to the delight of the dream boxer already in existence. At this point I heard my grandmother yell something, so I go back out through the hallway and outside. My granddad had just dropped her off and she still had her dress caught in the car door. He drove off and I was yelling for him to stop. He stopped up the road, got out and simply waved at me as if to say, everything’s OK. He had also passed away in reality, in fact I think he passed in 1988, I’ll have to check but it was a great ending, I felt so happy. So did I time travel in a dream? Was I really in 1988 again? Maybe it was the time my granddad passed and I was seeing him pass over? Lucid dreaming has come on very much so since checking out

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Is the answer in a cup of tea ?

Can people really tell the future by looking at the tea leaves in the bottom of a warm cup? Is it as easy as turning over a card with an image on it to see if you’ll come into much-needed money? Can someone who has passed over communicate with this plane? What about remote viewing? It sounds ridiculous to some yet extremely normal to others that there are unconventional ways in life guidance and communication and if you research the latter, even warfare. I’m sure there are many charlatans out there to fuel the skeptics, people who have no problem telling you what you want to hear, tugging at the heartstrings or raising those hopes for a few bucks. On the other hand, there are genuine people who can access the flows and ebbs of universal guidance and channel it to help others, find missing people or objects and so on. The police in the USA often use psychics, although they may not admit it. I wouldn’t put it past other countries using them also without letting on. I’m fascinated and believe we as human beings are capable of many wonderful things. Most just forgot how to use their “gifts”, maybe forced to forget even. Only a few hundred years ago in early modern Europe, women were burnt at the stake and considered to be witches, probably for nothing more than channeling. They were apparently teaming up with the devil himself. Back to the 21st century, have you ever sat on a bus and just stared at the back of someones head and asked them in your mind to look around? Just me then? Seriously I think we all have this capability of communication without speaking and over a vast amount of space too. Like the card or tea leave reader, the bone thrower, this is another channel. I think there are many channels to the universe and it’s knowledge. Seconds hours and minutes only exist to us because of our annual revolving trip around the sun. Time is basically only relevant to Earth so who know’s how time or should I say the past, present and future universally behaves. People surmise to know this answer going by the big bang theory but I’m not so sure. I know, I have no qualifications but does that mean I can not theorize? If you have a tiny firework and light it in your living room, it will expand/explode. It had walls around it to begin with. I simply don’t believe in nothingness. Maybe everything has already happened over and over, maybe there are other versions of “us” living out a similar life on a matching earth somewhere in the universe. So maybe these “channels” are true channels of guidance, universal knowledge, wisdom, love, positive/negative energies. They connect with previous and future lives, ultimately all life existence possibilities. There are many channels with many vessels that have always been available to all of us as we tread along our life paths. I believe we are all beginning to  “wake up” again, to  realize our capabilities and see the world for what it has sadly become. A ground where power, greed and manipulation has turned our true nature and capabilities into an agenda. An agenda where a very small few have successfully enslaved the rest of us into arousing their power and greed erection. I have had my own experiences in the past and more recently too. Many years ago I tried the Ouija board with friends. Just young drunk kids dabbling in a very negative channel, one I recommend nobody ever attempts. This thing works and can attract very negative energies. I won’t say any more on that, I don’t want my posts to have negatives attached. More recently I lost my memory stick. It’s nothing too important but I did have some photos and things on it that I would have preferred not to lose. I was thinking where that damn thing was while drinking a cup of tea. The bag had burst and I got a mouth full of tea leaves, not nice. I have grown up watching my aunt read tea leaves to family and very successfully too,  so I thought, hey I have a cup of leaves here,  lets give it a try. I had no clue how to read tea leaves, so here I am staring at this black mass of blotches and spots while I’m still picking some out of my teeth. I had the memory stick on my mind while I looked for anything. I didn’t really see much to be honest but I did see a letter “S” followed by the letter “E” then a blob I couldn’t make out, then the letter “T”. I kept saying to myself  “set”? What does that mean. The very next day I found that memory stick under my car seat. Was the part I couldn’t decipher the letter “A” and what I was seeing was actually “seat”? Maybe so. I tried it again and saw 269, I am yet to find a reason for this number but I will keep you posted if I do. All in all, you must have an open mind. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy amount of skepticism but I think the reason full on skeptics see nothing is because they spend way too much time calling BS or simply writing things off, they “want” to disprove things. The opposite can be said for open-minded people, they are willing to listen and believe, they’ll ask questions and be skeptical but they are open to non scientific or conventional outcomes, therefore they attract experiences the universe presents. Here’s one I haven’t mentioned that everyone can do. Intuition, listen to it and see how following it affects you. I’m sure you’ll be surprised. Peace

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The amount of languages spoken throughout the world is astounding. I’m fascinated just listening to 2 people talk and interact when I have absolutely no clues what they are saying. We’re a planet of intelligent people, OK that’s questionable but it’s strange that we’re not all capable of communicating verbally without learning another language. I would love to learn another language one day just to be nosy. I’m intrigued, what can I say. I remember a twilight zone episode where this guy in a space ship lands on another planet with only 1 occupant, a female named “Eve”. There’s no awards for guessing he was obviously Adam or had Adam as a last name, I can’t remember which but you get the script. They didn’t speak the same language but obviously had to learn to communicate. Actually, I wonder which language they went with in the end .. hmm and the more I think about it, she was the one on Earth, earth was her first word to him. I really have to go back and watch that episode again. Imagine being in this situation though, it would be crazy just trying to do the basic things. Music however is different in my opinion. It can be played to any ear, it’s a language anyone can understand, young or old, male or female, nation to nation and universal. I have written many songs in the past. Probably 95% of them came from “nowhere”. When I say nowhere, I mean my subconscious and probably even the universe itself. Some time back I sat around a microphone with 2 musical friends and wrote a song in 10 minutes, start to end words and all. It is a beautiful tune with a lot of meaning. The song was inspired from a photograph, nothing else. Was I sending my emotions out to the universe from that photograph and in turn it interpreted it in the way I’m more naturally susceptible to receive it? Probably so. I don’t understand how the universe works and probably never will until I head on into the light but it’s given me music and I love it. Music has always been a part of me since birth. Some people are born football players or actors, I was born tapping out a rhythm and humming tunes. I remember one Christmas we had this organ as a gift, you plugged it in and the fan inside made a real racket. It had the little black buttons to the left and obviously all the keys. All us kids used to mess around with it but my siblings soon got bored and moved on, not me. I loved this thing, I would press the buttons and push the keys until it sounded right. Pretty soon I was able to play simple tunes just by listening to them. No “body” ever told me how to play or what to push. I developed a little and had an upgrade to a keyboard eventually with a few more bells and whistles. I met some great musicians in my early twenties and formed a band. I soon picked up guitar in a similar fashion. My friend showed me some simple chords and the basics to get me going but I pushed myself to learn it. Again I was amazed with this instrument. I had natural rhythm. I have shown a few friends along the years a few songs and how to play them but I’m yet to meet someone new to the guitar with a natural rhythm like I did. I’m not blowing my own trumpet here as I can’t play one yet. I think everyone has a gift, every being. Maybe some don’t know it yet, some just haven’t pushed it enough and some just don’t believe, but they have. Music is without doubt THE universal language. It soothes, relaxes, picks you up, inspires, and lives inside each and every one of us. Tonight, go out of your way to play your favorite tune, when it’s finished see how you feel. Rock and Roll!!

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Meat is Murder is an absolutely amazing album by The Smiths. Morrissey is a legend and a massive influence on me. This post isn’t about Steven Patrick Morrissey though, it’s about food and more so the need to eat meat. For as long as I can remember I had this “issue” with meat. I have no clue where it came from. My mum tells me when I was small she would find my plate with just the meat left around the edges. She raised 4 of us and we had to eat what was given to us. She really is a wonderful woman and the reason I am who I am today. I remember every now and again she would cook pork chops for us. The mere thought of a pork chop sends shivers up my neck. But I hated those meal times. I knew it had been alive before, it didn’t look or taste like food to me. I would try hide it in with the potatoes and every other trick in the book to get out of eating it. I did eat some meats that were disguised in a pie or pastie but if it looked like a cooked wound then I avoided it like the plague. I can say hand on heart that I have never voluntary eaten anything that resembled something that was once alive. Not sure where the symbolism of hand on heart actually came from but that’s for another post. I was sick around the age of 12 and had a brief hospital stay. When I was healthy enough to leave my mum took advantage of the hospital location and took me through the meat market on our way home. This was one of the most disturbing moments of my life. I just stood at the top of this parade of death, the stench of flesh rushing up my nose. Carcasses hung upside down with huge gaping holes in their front. I could no longer hold it in anymore and emptied my stomach on the ground. I became a full vegetarian after the teens and have never looked back. People love to ask why you don’t eat meat. It’s like vegetarians are weird, I mean all this fruit and vegetables around us, not to mention the pharmaceutical fat cats who have cornered the market of plant life that fixes our ails and stolen it away from tribes who have very little knowledge of us. Did I mention mushrooms? I know .. Another post .  One guy even said to me “well your trainers are made of leather”, Well I ain’t eating my trainers am I. Each to their own in my eyes but I still don’t get why fully grown men stalk innocent animals, shoot them then gut them for food when we no longer have to hunt our meals. I don’t know what it was as a child but my instinct was not to eat meat, maybe the universe was saying I need my veggies, that’s a nicer answer. I have issues when ever I’m near meat. I will avoid the meat area of the supermarket. My wife asked me to pick up some chicken breasts one day. I had to get the exact location of them and run it through my mind like I was about to rob a bank. Step by step I was ready. As I got closer I tried not to look at any other meats. I had the blinkers on until I knew I was at the right place. I did not look at the cost I just picked the first chicken breasts I saw and threw them in the basket. It’s the 21st century, we don’t need to eat meat. People will say we have the teeth to chew meat, well men still have nipples but don’t breast feed. I have to say, it really is each to their own. My opinions mean nothing, but i’ll promise to eat my trainers if you stop shooting innocent animals.

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Is the universe God?

I am a very deep intrigued thinker. Although I don’t spend enough time doing it, I love to look up at the stars and let my mind wander and dance among them for a while. When I start to even comprehend the vastness of what I’m seeing it amazes me to no end. I follow no religion. I have absolutely no problems with religious people and will not stand in anyone’s way when it comes to their beliefs. Here’s my thoughts and opinions. I think a very long time back this planet may have been colonized, it may have been selected due to animal and plant life already in existence along with all the ingredients needed to sustain us. We may have been seeded by DNA manipulation with apes and evolved to where we are today.  Going back to the universe, it is so vast that life has to exist elsewhere in my opinion and life much more advanced than us. Where ever we came from, the “people” still have our interest at heart. This is where I think religion may come in to play. I’m sure if my opinions are correct, “they” have visited us many times. Almost nurtured us until it was too dangerous to do so anymore. We could have been visited all over the world in different countries, with intentions to teach us about love, peace and the meaning of life. Each race developed their own belief systems from their interpretations of their “visitation” which turned out to be what we know as religion today.The visitors knew and still do that there are amazing things that we are yet to understand, we are capable of so much and connect with each other and everything on a level that most of us are simply not aware of. The belief systems that people stringently live by have become so much indoctrinated that they are willing to die for them. This is sad but I think it’s also the reason the “visitors” may not show themselves anymore. They may fear attack. People have taken advantage of their knowledge and used it to gain power and riches. They’ve been spreading the “good word” while keeping the real knowledge to themselves. They are a very small few and control everything with fear, positions needs and false freedoms. The “visitors” may know the meaning of life, they may understand how the universe works and how it can affect everything we do for good or bad.  I find it difficult to believe in a “god” as in a being that created everything. Maybe the universe has been misinterpreted to be the “god” that people have come to believe in, the visitors were trying to teach us about the “universe” and it being the fabric of everything and everyone. There are references in the bible and other religious readings that mention the “heavens” and the angels coming down from there. People look up to the skies to this day, have you ever seen a football player score a goal then cross his chest and point to the sky? Well as far as I’m aware, when you go high enough past the clouds you’re in space/the universe. “Something” came from the sky if we are to believe these writings and teachings. My opinions are that the “visitors” are our ancestors, these are the ones mentioned in religious teachings.

My opinions are just that, I apologize if they offended anyone.


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Lucid Dreaming

I have always had vivid dreams ever since I can remember. Many of my dreams included flying. In fact my mode of dream transport was flying, like swimming through the air. I don’t think we fully understand why we dream but I’m convinced it has something to do with our awake life. For instance, a long time back I had no job but desperately needed one. I had a dream that I was on my way to work, not knowing where work was but I had a feeling that I was late. I looked at my wrist and saw a black plastic 80’s style digital watch. The dream went on and I forget the rest. When I woke up in the morning I received a call with a job offer, I obviously took it. I thought that in itself was cool. The job was driving a fork lift truck and attached to the grill above my head was a black plastic 80’s style digital watch just like the one in my dream. The universe had a job lined up for me I guess. I haven’t had any predictive dreams since but I have had more vivid dreams. I saw a relative in my dreams that had passed over, the dream was crystal clear. I did a little research and found a wonderful site called The site is all about lucid dreaming. I read about techniques and tips to attain lucidity. I soon had my first lucid dream. I knew I was dreaming but this time I could control things. I have had many lucid dreams since. I was once in a gift shop, I realized I was dreaming and began picking trinkets and things up to analyze. It was truly amazing and “real”. I could feel the bristles of a hair brush. In another dream I saw a tree stump with a nail hammered into it but bent over as if not to snag anything. The dream was fading so I went up to the tree to feel it. To keep the lucid dream going you have to touch things and experience things, bring your mind back on track. I felt the nail, it was rusty and flaky. Dreams and lucid dreaming are amazing. I honestly believe it’s something either untapped that we cannot yet comprehend or the real reason behind dreaming is being suppressed from us.

If you haven’t read the secret yet I recommend giving it a try. I was first introduced to it by my soul mate and wife, although I didn’t take much interest at first. She was reading it and would tell me about it as she progressed. In all honesty I was the typical guy, smile and nod, in one ear out of the other kind of thing. In the meantime, my cousin who lives far from me kept saying I have this DVD for you, it’s awesome you got to watch it. He eventually sent it and I popped it in the DVD player as my wife was sat next to me reading The Secret. The universe truly wanted me to read this book also, or watch it, as up popped the DVD version of  . .yes you guessed it “The Secret”. I was shocked to say the least. Having watched the DVD I thought OK, i’ll put this into practice. For those who are not familiar with the secret, it’s kind of an inspirational, positive book about the laws of attraction and how you can manipulate your life with visualization. Basically, if you want that job you’ve applied for, see yourself doing it, visualize it and live it. Make it happen. So I thought to myself, it’s been a long time since I saw family. I cannot afford the ticket but I have to visualize the opposite. I placed images and money signs in full view of my day to day happenings at work, I told no one of this not even my wife. I would look at the images every day and see myself in my mind back home seeing my family and friends. After probably 2 weeks my mother called me to say they had all put together and bought me a plane ticket to come home for a visit. I was gobsmacked ..  Coincidence?  Not for me, this was a result in my eyes, I visualized it and created that reality. I don’t live my life by this book but I do try to live positive and happy. Not always a possibility all the time but I try.

The laws of attraction and the universe at their best.

I have become quite a red wine addict of late. I recently visited family and had an amazing time. When it comes to having “a few” I’m a beer man, always have been. We frequented a Mexican restaurant and an awesome bar that served the best cheese fries and fine ales I’ve had in years. The Mexican place was amazing, but the beer, well it was huge. The glass could have gone round 3 of us. There was a nasty storm while we were enjoying the beer and wonderful food, which in turn allowed us to down 3 of these beauties due to the time it stuck around. No shock that I did not drive back.Come the end of our trip we were gifted with 2 bottles of red wine, a gesture that was not called for given the amazing time, comfort and experience they had shown us during our time spent. A few days after we settled back into the real world again, I decided on a glass of wine. The taste was amazing, I could feel it in my nose, the tip of my tongue, the sides of my tongue, everywhere in mouth and nose, it was amazing, like sampling your first beer again. That glass soon turned into 2, 3 then the second bottle. Suffice to say I haven’t drank very much beer since. When I do it messes me up. The red wine is erased with little hang over, wow. Just this last weekend I bought some different types of red, I really want to sample them all. Anyway I had a wonderful few glasses of wine. Before I went to bed, I put a you tube video on my Facebook page of UB40 singing “Red Red Wine” with my comment “Who needs beer”. This is where it gets crazy and where the universe listened in. The following morning, my wife took the dog for a walk and outside where we live was a case of unopened beer, a case of opened beer topped up with hard lemonade and more hard lemonade in another case. I went to have a look and it was obvious some kids had dumped it as there were red cups. I felt for these people, I’ve been young before. they obviously had to get rid for what ever reason. I left it for a long time but no one came back to claim it. I decided to bring it in and cool them down. No one did come back for them. It amazed me that the beer guzzler in me had recently switched to wine and even asks a question of “who needs beer” after a good few glasses of red, then the very next day I am presented with … Beer .. Cheers universe !!