If you haven’t read the secret yet I recommend giving it a try. I was first introduced to it by my soul mate and wife, although I didn’t take much interest at first. She was reading it and would tell me about it as she progressed. In all honesty I was the typical guy, smile and nod, in one ear out of the other kind of thing. In the meantime, my cousin who lives far from me kept saying I have this DVD for you, it’s awesome you got to watch it. He eventually sent it and I popped it in the DVD player as my wife was sat next to me reading The Secret. The universe truly wanted me to read this book also, or watch it, as up popped the DVD version of  . .yes you guessed it “The Secret”. I was shocked to say the least. Having watched the DVD I thought OK, i’ll put this into practice. For those who are not familiar with the secret, it’s kind of an inspirational, positive book about the laws of attraction and how you can manipulate your life with visualization. Basically, if you want that job you’ve applied for, see yourself doing it, visualize it and live it. Make it happen. So I thought to myself, it’s been a long time since I saw family. I cannot afford the ticket but I have to visualize the opposite. I placed images and money signs in full view of my day to day happenings at work, I told no one of this not even my wife. I would look at the images every day and see myself in my mind back home seeing my family and friends. After probably 2 weeks my mother called me to say they had all put together and bought me a plane ticket to come home for a visit. I was gobsmacked ..  Coincidence?  Not for me, this was a result in my eyes, I visualized it and created that reality. I don’t live my life by this book but I do try to live positive and happy. Not always a possibility all the time but I try.

The laws of attraction and the universe at their best.