I have become quite a red wine addict of late. I recently visited family and had an amazing time. When it comes to having “a few” I’m a beer man, always have been. We frequented a Mexican restaurant and an awesome bar that served the best cheese fries and fine ales I’ve had in years. The Mexican place was amazing, but the beer, well it was huge. The glass could have gone round 3 of us. There was a nasty storm while we were enjoying the beer and wonderful food, which in turn allowed us to down 3 of these beauties due to the time it stuck around. No shock that I did not drive back.Come the end of our trip we were gifted with 2 bottles of red wine, a gesture that was not called for given the amazing time, comfort and experience they had shown us during our time spent. A few days after we settled back into the real world again, I decided on a glass of wine. The taste was amazing, I could feel it in my nose, the tip of my tongue, the sides of my tongue, everywhere in mouth and nose, it was amazing, like sampling your first beer again. That glass soon turned into 2, 3 then the second bottle. Suffice to say I haven’t drank very much beer since. When I do it messes me up. The red wine is erased with little hang over, wow. Just this last weekend I bought some different types of red, I really want to sample them all. Anyway I had a wonderful few glasses of wine. Before I went to bed, I put a you tube video on my Facebook page of UB40 singing “Red Red Wine” with my comment “Who needs beer”. This is where it gets crazy and where the universe listened in. The following morning, my wife took the dog for a walk and outside where we live was a case of unopened beer, a case of opened beer topped up with hard lemonade and more hard lemonade in another case. I went to have a look and it was obvious some kids had dumped it as there were red cups. I felt for these people, I’ve been young before. they obviously had to get rid for what ever reason. I left it for a long time but no one came back to claim it. I decided to bring it in and cool them down. No one did come back for them. It amazed me that the beer guzzler in me had recently switched to wine and even asks a question of “who needs beer” after a good few glasses of red, then the very next day I am presented with … Beer .. Cheers universe !!