I am a very deep intrigued thinker. Although I don’t spend enough time doing it, I love to look up at the stars and let my mind wander and dance among them for a while. When I start to even comprehend the vastness of what I’m seeing it amazes me to no end. I follow no religion. I have absolutely no problems with religious people and will not stand in anyone’s way when it comes to their beliefs. Here’s my thoughts and opinions. I think a very long time back this planet may have been colonized, it may have been selected due to animal and plant life already in existence along with all the ingredients needed to sustain us. We may have been seeded by DNA manipulation with apes and evolved to where we are today.  Going back to the universe, it is so vast that life has to exist elsewhere in my opinion and life much more advanced than us. Where ever we came from, the “people” still have our interest at heart. This is where I think religion may come in to play. I’m sure if my opinions are correct, “they” have visited us many times. Almost nurtured us until it was too dangerous to do so anymore. We could have been visited all over the world in different countries, with intentions to teach us about love, peace and the meaning of life. Each race developed their own belief systems from their interpretations of their “visitation” which turned out to be what we know as religion today.The visitors knew and still do that there are amazing things that we are yet to understand, we are capable of so much and connect with each other and everything on a level that most of us are simply not aware of. The belief systems that people stringently live by have become so much indoctrinated that they are willing to die for them. This is sad but I think it’s also the reason the “visitors” may not show themselves anymore. They may fear attack. People have taken advantage of their knowledge and used it to gain power and riches. They’ve been spreading the “good word” while keeping the real knowledge to themselves. They are a very small few and control everything with fear, positions needs and false freedoms. The “visitors” may know the meaning of life, they may understand how the universe works and how it can affect everything we do for good or bad.  I find it difficult to believe in a “god” as in a being that created everything. Maybe the universe has been misinterpreted to be the “god” that people have come to believe in, the visitors were trying to teach us about the “universe” and it being the fabric of everything and everyone. There are references in the bible and other religious readings that mention the “heavens” and the angels coming down from there. People look up to the skies to this day, have you ever seen a football player score a goal then cross his chest and point to the sky? Well as far as I’m aware, when you go high enough past the clouds you’re in space/the universe. “Something” came from the sky if we are to believe these writings and teachings. My opinions are that the “visitors” are our ancestors, these are the ones mentioned in religious teachings.

My opinions are just that, I apologize if they offended anyone.


Image courtesy of http://www.freedigitalphotos.net