The amount of languages spoken throughout the world is astounding. I’m fascinated just listening to 2 people talk and interact when I have absolutely no clues what they are saying. We’re a planet of intelligent people, OK that’s questionable but it’s strange that we’re not all capable of communicating verbally without learning another language. I would love to learn another language one day just to be nosy. I’m intrigued, what can I say. I remember a twilight zone episode where this guy in a space ship lands on another planet with only 1 occupant, a female named “Eve”. There’s no awards for guessing he was obviously Adam or had Adam as a last name, I can’t remember which but you get the script. They didn’t speak the same language but obviously had to learn to communicate. Actually, I wonder which language they went with in the end .. hmm and the more I think about it, she was the one on Earth, earth was her first word to him. I really have to go back and watch that episode again. Imagine being in this situation though, it would be crazy just trying to do the basic things. Music however is different in my opinion. It can be played to any ear, it’s a language anyone can understand, young or old, male or female, nation to nation and universal. I have written many songs in the past. Probably 95% of them came from “nowhere”. When I say nowhere, I mean my subconscious and probably even the universe itself. Some time back I sat around a microphone with 2 musical friends and wrote a song in 10 minutes, start to end words and all. It is a beautiful tune with a lot of meaning. The song was inspired from a photograph, nothing else. Was I sending my emotions out to the universe from that photograph and in turn it interpreted it in the way I’m more naturally susceptible to receive it? Probably so. I don’t understand how the universe works and probably never will until I head on into the light but it’s given me music and I love it. Music has always been a part of me since birth. Some people are born football players or actors, I was born tapping out a rhythm and humming tunes. I remember one Christmas we had this organ as a gift, you plugged it in and the fan inside made a real racket. It had the little black buttons to the left and obviously all the keys. All us kids used to mess around with it but my siblings soon got bored and moved on, not me. I loved this thing, I would press the buttons and push the keys until it sounded right. Pretty soon I was able to play simple tunes just by listening to them. No “body” ever told me how to play or what to push. I developed a little and had an upgrade to a keyboard eventually with a few more bells and whistles. I met some great musicians in my early twenties and formed a band. I soon picked up guitar in a similar fashion. My friend showed me some simple chords and the basics to get me going but I pushed myself to learn it. Again I was amazed with this instrument. I had natural rhythm. I have shown a few friends along the years a few songs and how to play them but I’m yet to meet someone new to the guitar with a natural rhythm like I did. I’m not blowing my own trumpet here as I can’t play one yet. I think everyone has a gift, every being. Maybe some don’t know it yet, some just haven’t pushed it enough and some just don’t believe, but they have. Music is without doubt THE universal language. It soothes, relaxes, picks you up, inspires, and lives inside each and every one of us. Tonight, go out of your way to play your favorite tune, when it’s finished see how you feel. Rock and Roll!!

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