Meat is Murder is an absolutely amazing album by The Smiths. Morrissey is a legend and a massive influence on me. This post isn’t about Steven Patrick Morrissey though, it’s about food and more so the need to eat meat. For as long as I can remember I had this “issue” with meat. I have no clue where it came from. My mum tells me when I was small she would find my plate with just the meat left around the edges. She raised 4 of us and we had to eat what was given to us. She really is a wonderful woman and the reason I am who I am today. I remember every now and again she would cook pork chops for us. The mere thought of a pork chop sends shivers up my neck. But I hated those meal times. I knew it had been alive before, it didn’t look or taste like food to me. I would try hide it in with the potatoes and every other trick in the book to get out of eating it. I did eat some meats that were disguised in a pie or pastie but if it looked like a cooked wound then I avoided it like the plague. I can say hand on heart that I have never voluntary eaten anything that resembled something that was once alive. Not sure where the symbolism of hand on heart actually came from but that’s for another post. I was sick around the age of 12 and had a brief hospital stay. When I was healthy enough to leave my mum took advantage of the hospital location and took me through the meat market on our way home. This was one of the most disturbing moments of my life. I just stood at the top of this parade of death, the stench of flesh rushing up my nose. Carcasses hung upside down with huge gaping holes in their front. I could no longer hold it in anymore and emptied my stomach on the ground. I became a full vegetarian after the teens and have never looked back. People love to ask why you don’t eat meat. It’s like vegetarians are weird, I mean all this fruit and vegetables around us, not to mention the pharmaceutical fat cats who have cornered the market of plant life that fixes our ails and stolen it away from tribes who have very little knowledge of us. Did I mention mushrooms? I know .. Another post .  One guy even said to me “well your trainers are made of leather”, Well I ain’t eating my trainers am I. Each to their own in my eyes but I still don’t get why fully grown men stalk innocent animals, shoot them then gut them for food when we no longer have to hunt our meals. I don’t know what it was as a child but my instinct was not to eat meat, maybe the universe was saying I need my veggies, that’s a nicer answer. I have issues when ever I’m near meat. I will avoid the meat area of the supermarket. My wife asked me to pick up some chicken breasts one day. I had to get the exact location of them and run it through my mind like I was about to rob a bank. Step by step I was ready. As I got closer I tried not to look at any other meats. I had the blinkers on until I knew I was at the right place. I did not look at the cost I just picked the first chicken breasts I saw and threw them in the basket. It’s the 21st century, we don’t need to eat meat. People will say we have the teeth to chew meat, well men still have nipples but don’t breast feed. I have to say, it really is each to their own. My opinions mean nothing, but i’ll promise to eat my trainers if you stop shooting innocent animals.

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