Can people really tell the future by looking at the tea leaves in the bottom of a warm cup? Is it as easy as turning over a card with an image on it to see if you’ll come into much-needed money? Can someone who has passed over communicate with this plane? What about remote viewing? It sounds ridiculous to some yet extremely normal to others that there are unconventional ways in life guidance and communication and if you research the latter, even warfare. I’m sure there are many charlatans out there to fuel the skeptics, people who have no problem telling you what you want to hear, tugging at the heartstrings or raising those hopes for a few bucks. On the other hand, there are genuine people who can access the flows and ebbs of universal guidance and channel it to help others, find missing people or objects and so on. The police in the USA often use psychics, although they may not admit it. I wouldn’t put it past other countries using them also without letting on. I’m fascinated and believe we as human beings are capable of many wonderful things. Most just forgot how to use their “gifts”, maybe forced to forget even. Only a few hundred years ago in early modern Europe, women were burnt at the stake and considered to be witches, probably for nothing more than channeling. They were apparently teaming up with the devil himself. Back to the 21st century, have you ever sat on a bus and just stared at the back of someones head and asked them in your mind to look around? Just me then? Seriously I think we all have this capability of communication without speaking and over a vast amount of space too. Like the card or tea leave reader, the bone thrower, this is another channel. I think there are many channels to the universe and it’s knowledge. Seconds hours and minutes only exist to us because of our annual revolving trip around the sun. Time is basically only relevant to Earth so who know’s how time or should I say the past, present and future universally behaves. People surmise to know this answer going by the big bang theory but I’m not so sure. I know, I have no qualifications but does that mean I can not theorize? If you have a tiny firework and light it in your living room, it will expand/explode. It had walls around it to begin with. I simply don’t believe in nothingness. Maybe everything has already happened over and over, maybe there are other versions of “us” living out a similar life on a matching earth somewhere in the universe. So maybe these “channels” are true channels of guidance, universal knowledge, wisdom, love, positive/negative energies. They connect with previous and future lives, ultimately all life existence possibilities. There are many channels with many vessels that have always been available to all of us as we tread along our life paths. I believe we are all beginning to  “wake up” again, to  realize our capabilities and see the world for what it has sadly become. A ground where power, greed and manipulation has turned our true nature and capabilities into an agenda. An agenda where a very small few have successfully enslaved the rest of us into arousing their power and greed erection. I have had my own experiences in the past and more recently too. Many years ago I tried the Ouija board with friends. Just young drunk kids dabbling in a very negative channel, one I recommend nobody ever attempts. This thing works and can attract very negative energies. I won’t say any more on that, I don’t want my posts to have negatives attached. More recently I lost my memory stick. It’s nothing too important but I did have some photos and things on it that I would have preferred not to lose. I was thinking where that damn thing was while drinking a cup of tea. The bag had burst and I got a mouth full of tea leaves, not nice. I have grown up watching my aunt read tea leaves to family and very successfully too,  so I thought, hey I have a cup of leaves here,  lets give it a try. I had no clue how to read tea leaves, so here I am staring at this black mass of blotches and spots while I’m still picking some out of my teeth. I had the memory stick on my mind while I looked for anything. I didn’t really see much to be honest but I did see a letter “S” followed by the letter “E” then a blob I couldn’t make out, then the letter “T”. I kept saying to myself  “set”? What does that mean. The very next day I found that memory stick under my car seat. Was the part I couldn’t decipher the letter “A” and what I was seeing was actually “seat”? Maybe so. I tried it again and saw 269, I am yet to find a reason for this number but I will keep you posted if I do. All in all, you must have an open mind. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy amount of skepticism but I think the reason full on skeptics see nothing is because they spend way too much time calling BS or simply writing things off, they “want” to disprove things. The opposite can be said for open-minded people, they are willing to listen and believe, they’ll ask questions and be skeptical but they are open to non scientific or conventional outcomes, therefore they attract experiences the universe presents. Here’s one I haven’t mentioned that everyone can do. Intuition, listen to it and see how following it affects you. I’m sure you’ll be surprised. Peace

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