Stories of time travel keeps cropping up in front of me lately.The concept of time travel is mind-boggling to say the least. Wouldn’t we have been visited from the future already if somewhere down our concept of time we had discovered a way to manipulate it? Maybe we have but written it off as a nut job looking for attention. I was recently listening to coast to coast where a guy was being interviewed about a so-called time traveler named John Titor. Mr. Titor’s story is very interesting. He appeared on an “out of the box” forum in 2001 claiming to be from the year 2036. His first post is as follows: ” Greetings. I am a time traveler from the year 2036. I am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975. My “time” machine is a stationary mass, temporal displacement unit manufactured by General Electric. The unit is powered by two, top-spin, dual-positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set Tipler sinusoid. I will be happy to post pictures of the unit.” He goes on to share images of his time machine and diagrams including cut-away’s. I definitely recommend reading his story and the original Q&A going on in the forum. Even if you don’t believe in time travel, this story makes for a wonderful read. People really quiz him and I have to say, he is very intelligent in his responses. Was he a real “time traveler” or just some clever story maker with a lot of time on his/her hands (no pun intended, …really) Check it out for yourself

There was also another guy on Coast to Coast during the very unpredictable open lines. My favorites. I don’t remember the caller’s name but his “story” was pretty cool. He claimed to be out watching the stars from the bleachers of a local football field when out of the blue, a guy came running down the middle of the field, covered in powder. He fell and laid on his back panting for air. The C2C caller walks over to him and asks him if he’s OK. The guy is out of breath but raises an arm in acknowledgment. The breathless guy eventually speaks and goes on to claim to be from the future. He says he knows our C2C caller and asks him to drive him to a specific location. He eventually obtains more “powder” and exits the way he came in a puff of “powder”. I am not doing the guys story any justice here but again, I recommend going through the C2C archives and listening to this story, it was very interesting. Like I say I seem to be seeing and hearing many time travel stories right now for some reason. Check out Coast to Coast, it’s an “out of the box” radio show that touches on subjects for the more open-minded folk. Subjects you will never hear the mainstream media cover.

Then there’s a recent story coming from Norway where a parcel was received in 1912 with strict instructions not to open until 2012, exactly 100 years to the day. I watched the opening on youtube with awe. The translation wasn’t amazing to be honest. There was a Norwegian guy and an English woman. He was doing most of the talking but she didn’t translate everything. The package included newspaper clippings from 1914 and 1919. How can this be? The package is from 1912. There was a letter which was quickly put back in an envelope and not read out. I’m certain that included an explanation. So was the package sent from a time traveler? It all seemed a bit weird to be honest. People dressed up, dancing and singing. I’ve read the forums and some are saying there were hidden symbolism in the dance routines, very deep if you ask me but not too sure about that one. I’m yet to see a decent follow-up and explanation for the clippings and letter.  Again this makes for a wonderful story if anything. Check out the video

I’ll finish this post with a quick story of my own, maybe this is the part the universe wants me to share. It’s actually a Lucid dream but ties in to time travel. So in my dream I’m at my aunty and uncles house. I am in their room with their son (my cousin). He had this weird contraption that he says is a musical instrument. It was a strange electronic object I’d never seen before. I begin to find the whole thing weird and ask my aunt what year it is. She says it’s 1988. At this point I realize I’m dreaming and everything becomes crystal clear. This was the clearest dream to date and before I had researched lucid dreaming. So I ask the question again, this time it feels very real and sad because I know my aunty has passed over in real life, but she’s very happy. (She’s been in my dreams many times and always has a happy smile). So I’m trying to convince them that it’s not 1988. I ask my cousin and he says the same thing 1988. So I wander into the kitchen and on the way see another aunt and uncle, they have their boxer dog with them (the one they had around 1988). Before I continue I have to say, everyone looked their respective ages for 1988. I asked them the same question, what year is it? They all say 1988. So I’m like, no it’s not its 2004 and this is a dream (or whatever year it was when I had that dream, I can’t be exact). They all looked at me stupid. So as a last resort I said OK then, I’ll show you my bare arse. It’s funny because I almost convinced myself it was real and I was actually in 1988 as I couldn’t bring myself to show my backside to my family. Why did I even think of that anyway.  So I said OK watch this, I threw my hand out and made a magician like gesture. I conjured up another boxer dog, to the delight of the dream boxer already in existence. At this point I heard my grandmother yell something, so I go back out through the hallway and outside. My granddad had just dropped her off and she still had her dress caught in the car door. He drove off and I was yelling for him to stop. He stopped up the road, got out and simply waved at me as if to say, everything’s OK. He had also passed away in reality, in fact I think he passed in 1988, I’ll have to check but it was a great ending, I felt so happy. So did I time travel in a dream? Was I really in 1988 again? Maybe it was the time my granddad passed and I was seeing him pass over? Lucid dreaming has come on very much so since checking out

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